P2PBET — Blockchain betting without borders

Universal Protocol for Prediction Markets

Make a predictions on the price of crypto, stocks, bonds and other financial assets.

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What we do

Rethinking how we make a predictions

P2P user predictions
Create custom predictions on a transparent blockchain-based platform on any financial assets and earn on your predictions
Up / Down game
Make a predict on the increase or decrease of the currency pair and take your winnings
Blockchain Based Crypto Games
Be the most accurate in the game on the approximate currency pair rate and take the entire winning pool
How it works

Place your own predictions on any financial market in two clicks by connecting your decentralized wallet

how it works
Connect Wallet
Connect your MetaMask wallet to our decentralized platform, select the Binance Smart Chain network. Now you are ready to make your predictions.
Choose an asset
Select a financial asset from the list of suggested ones (crypto, stocks, bonds and metals) or find an existing on with the market you are interested in
Make your own prediction!
Set the market conditions for your prediction (time, closing and expiration date) or confirm your participation in an existing trade
Claim winning
Claim your winning from the smart contact in one click


Make predictions. Earn Points. Get Airdrop

  • Make predictions
  • Earn points
  • Get Airdrop


  • Make a custom prediction || Earn 10 points
  • Win a custom prediction || Earn 10 points
  • Make a up/down || Earn 10 points
  • Win a up/down || Earn 10 points
  • Make a darts prediction || Earn 10 points
  • Win a darts prediction || Earn 10 * n points, n - number of participants
  • All deals need to be more than 10 USDT
Universal digital asset for prediction markets